As part of the renovation of a 1980s apartment we built out one of the living room walls to create bookcases and added a bulkhead to define the ceiling. The back of the bookcases was wallpapered to add depth and allow the objects on them to come to the fore. The furnishings are mostly vintage, such as the 1950’s sideboard and lamp, to give the space a sense of permanence.


This bar area was built in a space that had been created by a previous renovation of the Victorian house, due to the installation of a bathroom at a mid floor level. In the main room, we created a library by adding bookcases topped with mirrored arches. The centre section has double glass doors to a small bar. The bar is contemporary in style and lined with timber panelling. It has a counter made of wood blocks, back-lit shelves and a small basin. The bar also acts as a serving area as it is close to the dining room on the main floor of the house.


This artist’s studio is at the end of an enfilade of rooms, with a bathroom in the middle and a bedroom at the other end. It benefits from evening light with high windows on one side and taller windows on another and linen voiles to control the light. A pitched ceiling adds a sense of space and the walls are lined with limed oak.


In this cinema the walls are papered with hemp wall covering and the sofas are covered in the same color velvet. The sofas are framed with timber joinery clad in leather with built in drinks rests. The aim was to make the room feel enveloping and dark so the screen would be the focus.


In order to utilise what was an exterior side entrance, we closed in the area with a glass roof and added a herringbone brick floor which reflects it’s indoor-outdoor use as a boot room. The cabinets hold coats and other storage and a glass door opens to the house.