Living Room

Living RoomWisley

This is a living room in a new build house with an arch containing a bay window. The television is located opposite the sofa. The room needed to feel comfortable so to create an enveloping atmosphere we used a limited colour palette of seagreen and lined the walls with linen. The primary metals are chrome for a low-key tone.

Living RoomMerrion

For the living room in this new build house the ceiling has limed timber slats and two seating areas are defined by berber rugs. The windows facing the garden have stained oak reveals and a comfortable sofa is positioned next to a gas stove. The look is relaxed with classic furniture.

Living RoomIvanhoe

The sienna marble floor in this garden room was inspired by the Hotel Cafe Royal in London, which uses the same floor in its restaurant. The room has large windows facing so the colour palette is subdued so as not to take away from the views. A pair of daybeds by B&B Italia face the windows and create a seating area for coffee or reading. 

The television room faces north and is mostly used in the evening so we used darker colours and lined the walls with silk fabric to create a cosy atmosphere. The television is located opposite a velvet u-shaped sofa. The colours for the tweed and linen cushions were taken from the artwork by Frances Ryan.

Living RoomNorthbrook

The granite surround of the original kitchen was revealed during the renovation of this Victorian house. We installed a wood burning stove and placed it on a raised painted brick hearth to bring it closer to eye level when sitting on the sofa or armchair. The colours and materials are soft and neutral.

Living RoomDenzille

This room is in an apartment designed by Scott Tallon Walker Architects. It has a large coffee table that anchors three sofas to create an intimate seating area. The Chinese cabinet holds the television and smaller items such as lamps and cushions add colour and pattern.

Living RoomVico

In this project with Aughey O’Flaherty Architects we decorated the living room with two large sofas and lighter armchairs with their backs to the windows. The wall opposite the windows has a cabinet designed to house the audio visual system and provide storage. It has a mirrored section to reflect the view and curved ends to soften the scale of the piece. The dark wood stain balances the lighter colours used in the furnishings.

Living RoomGlennan

For this living room in a 1930s cottage we installed Arts & Crafts style panelling, incorporating the television and bookshelves. We added the circular window so that evening light shines into the room and the stained glass window on the right allows light into the entrance hall beyond.

Living RoomAdelaide

The concept for this room was to use shades and textures of one colour to make it a relaxing space. The walls are wallpapered with linen and the curtains are also linen with a different weave. The pendant by Pinch is made from banana leaves and the cushions are by de Le Cuona. We installed wall lights so that the sofa could fill the width of the room.