This garden in a Victorian house had to double as off street parking space and also had to have a play area and entertaining space. The clients wanted it to be low maintenance so we used gravel with yellow brick to define the different areas. We designed a barbeque from the same brick surrounded by low walls for sitting on and limestone paving slabs to create walkways. There is a sunken trampoline, vertical bike storage and birch trees used for screening. The planting is mostly all green with some wild flowers.


We worked on this garden with landscape designer Bernard Hickie. It is south facing and there is an emphasis on flowering trees and shrubs, for easy maintenance. The trees were selected of their sculptural quality, with some located close to the house. A single six metre tall Acer tree rises through a light well at basement level to fill the view from a window at first floor level and provide privacy.


This courtyard is at the side entrance of a new build house. It catches the morning light and is also accessed from the drawing room through glazed sliding doors. We had granite stepping stones laid to create a walkway to the entrance and birch trees and hydrangeas around them.