Dining Room

Dining RoomWisley

The inspiration for this room was the dining room at Eltham Palace, a house outside London designed in the 1930s. The room allows for the seating of up to 20 people at an extendable table. The arch motif used elsewhere in this house is continued in blind mirrored recesses. The light fixture was designed by David Collins and the sideboard was made by Zelouf & Bell in black lacquer to match the dining chairs. A laylight brightens the middle of the room.

Dining RoomAdelaide

This room is an evening space so we used deeper colours. The walls are covered with felt to create a warm atmosphere. We restored the original rise and fall pendant and the wall lights. The 1950s glass lamps catch candlelight in the evening. The contemporary consoles are in contrast to the antique dining table and chairs. The artworks were bought at auction by our client and the colour scheme was taken from them.

Dining RoomIvanhoe

The walls in this room are lined with linen. We used fabric on dining room walls to contrast with hard surfaces such as the table and sideboard. The house has contemporary elements within a period setting and the selection of furniture reflects this aesthetic. The table is by Promemoria and the chairs are by Henge.

Dining RoomPembroke

This dining room was designed to compliment an adjoining drawing room. The walls are pale green and the furniture is a mix of antiques and new pieces. The cabinets were custom made with fabric that connects with the colour of the floor stain and introduces other colours such as blue. The simple linen curtains play down more elaborate elements such as the chandelier and sideboard. The aim was to create a harmonious space for dining.