In this master bedroom the colour of the silk curtains taken from a Cole & Son wallpaper. The double brass rails accommodate voiles for privacy. We created his and hers closets by taking space from the room. The doors have brass strips over glass with pleated linen behind.


To create a relaxing atmosphere in this bedroom we lined the walls and also the ceiling with hemp wallpaper. The colours are tonal and vintage lamps add an element of interest.


In the master bedroom of this project we used complementary fabrics on the headboard, cushions and ottoman. In a child’s bedroom, the walls are painted turquoise with hemp blind and tweed headboard.


The wall behind the bed in  this room has paneling with oak boards to reflect the soft contemporary feel throughout the house. The bed and side table were custom made to our design. The curtains are heavily textured wool.


The bed in this room was positioned against two windows in order to face a fireplace and the doors to landing and bathroom. We curtained the wall behind the bed to create a backdrop and used the same fabrics on a pair of windows on the adjoining wall. The colour scheme was selected to reflect the nighttime function of the space, with vintage furniture adding character.


We created a half canopy over the bed in this room to define the bed within a large period room. The style of the house is classical and the furnishings reflect this. The same colour is used on the specially designed cabinet and the walls.