This apartment by the sea was designed for a person downsizing from a larger house they had lived in for many years. The brief was to provide an interior that felt like a luxury hotel suite and maximised views of the sea.

Previously the kitchen had been closed off from the living space and connected to the entrance by a dark corridor. We removed the wall between the kitchen and living space and reorientated the existing bathroom and incorporated the corridor. This created a space to provide a small utility and larder off the kitchen.

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In the new open plan living space we used bulkheads in the ceiling to define individual kitchen, dining and living spaces and to conceal services and lighting. A banquette dining seat makes maximum use of the dining area and is everyone’s favourite seat.

We also removed a section of wall between the two bedrooms and inserted pocket doors, the second bedroom can be used as a dressing room or a spare bedroom as necessary. We moved door openings to create long views and exaggerate the sense of space.

The decoration is bright and colourful with classical elements mixed with contemporary items and art. We use mirror extensively to reflect light and views.



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