This project involved the refurbishment of a large 19th Century house that had been extended and modified a number of times. The new owners had been attracted by the Victorian character of the house but wanted to create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. The previous interventions while not to the owners’ taste were generally of a high quality and the challenge was to bring a coherent character to the disparate elements while meeting the owners aspirations.

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The kitchen was located in a beautiful reception room at the rear of the house overlooking the garden. The existing cabinetry was of a very ornate design with heavy carving and gilded details. We painted the walls and units shades of the same fresh colour and highlighted the island and Aga surround in a blue of a similar pale hue. The counter tops were changed to a pale stone and the island was relocated to provide for a new dining area located in the south-facing window.

In the master bedroom a bathroom and dressing room are concealed behind a ‘Narnia’ wardrobe with specially commissioned hand painted panels.

We used panelling extensively throughout the house to conceal storage and services and impose order and symmetry on the previous interventions. The various timber floors were all stained a dark colour to provide consistency.

The decoration blends modern and antique furniture throughout with numerous references to Victorian motifs such as the blue and white vases in the entrance hall.



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