This new build house on an infill site in a South Dublin suburb was commissioned by a retired couple who wanted to future-proof the house by having everything essential on one level. The ground floor is conceived as a single, large open-plan area with living, dining, kitchen, and master bedroom suite on one level all opening on to terraces overlooking the garden.

Sliding glass screens and pocket doors can be opened and closed to provide varying levels of privacy. Large sliding glass screens provide level access into external courtyards and raised terrace and encourage sunlight and daylight deep into the plan of the house throughout the day.

The house is two-storeys to the front with guest accommodation at first floor. At the rear, the heights step down to provide different ceiling heights and address concerns of overshadowing of neighbouring gardens. This provides interest in the section with a 3-metre high living space stepping up to a 4-metre dining room and reducing again to 2.7-meters at the bedroom suite and cosy TV room.

The external finishes are a limited palette of yellow brick and a pale stone on the paving, terraces and cladding with copper details to coppings and roofs.

The interior decoration was intended to lend each room a distinct personality but flow cohesively. The principle rooms each have one specially commissioned piece around which the rest of the space revolves.


interior design, new build, open-plan, yellow brick, copper details