This 1980s bungalow had been built on a backland plot accumulated from a number of rear gardens. The plan of the bungalow was rambling with dark corridors and small individual rooms with very little sunlight. The challenge was to rationalise the plan for a new family.

The solution was to demolish the existing kitchen, living room and dining room and replace them with a large open-plan family living space. The new living space takes the form of a long, narrow room with a vaulted timber ceiling. The space is divided with a free-standing brick chimney and fire surround to provide a living space on one side and dining area on the other.

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A wall of windows and doors look out to a lawn and mature tree to the west. The kitchen and a glazed study are located on the east side of the main space, with large roof lights giving the impression that the living and dining room are lit from both sides.

The other rooms were altered to various degrees to rationalise the plans and reduce corridors. An existing internal courtyard that had always appeared sad and damp was incorporated into the entrance hall and top lit with a flush roof light.

The existing house had been built in an unattractive 80’s red brick. We constructed the new works also in brick and painted everything, old and new to disguise the original and bring a homogeneous appearance.

The interior finishes reflect the period of the house with painted brick and limed sheeting on the ceiling. Other elements were inspired by the clients such as the quirky kitchen which was intended to feel like a French brasserie with a glossy red island and brass details.



bungalow, interior design, vaulted timber ceiling, roof lights, limed sheeting