This was our first project together providing architecture and interior design services as LyonsKelly. The detached house was built in the 1890s but had been largely untouched since the 1940s. It retained its original layout including servants’ room, scullery and butler’s pantry. 

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The layout and services required modernising but we did not want to take away from the special character of the house. We relocated the kitchen from the North side to the South-West corner so that it overlooks the gardens and benefits from direct sunlight. This involved altering the service rooms of the house to make a new kitchen, family room and terrace with outdoor fireplace.

We took cues from the original building, matching the scale and proportion of the new rooms with the existing and replicating important details. The special detailed bricks were made to match the existing originals. The original mosaic tiles on the terraces inspired new finishes such as the floors in the bathrooms.

The first floor plan was altered to accommodate additional bathrooms and a laundry room. The rest of the house was restored and services upgraded to modern standards. In order not to drastically alter the appearance or character of the house, we had proposed, as part of our initial design, to build a separate space in the garden – to house an additional guest suite and living space. This became the Orangery project, a free standing house located in the rear garden.