StoneDressed Wicklow Granite

The stone is Wicklow granite from Ballyknockan. Ballyknockan granite is famous for its colour, strength, and sparkle due to the high level of mica in the stone. In this project, we clad the walls of the basement in Wicklow granite to suggest strength and permanence. The stone was detailed to appear like solid blocks with no joints on the corners. All of the facades were drawn with each stone scheduled individually.

StoneDry-stone Rubble Walls

This is a project currently on site. The stone used to clad the buildings was quarried on the site, as part of the works a new swimming pool and basement were dug producing large quantities of high-quality wheaten coloured granite.

The stone was processed and dressed on-site to make it suitable for building and was used extensively throughout the entire site. It is rare that we get an opportunity to create buildings from the very ground they sit on.

The stone has been laid uncoursed with the occasional stone projecting from the facing.

This detail was inspired by views from the train line between Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire the tracks are lined with walls of local granite and in certain areas, particularly around Seapoint Station, the walls have been built with the occasional stone projecting from the wall.

I have no idea if they were built this way on purpose but when the early morning sun shines across the wall the projecting stones produce an array of shadows. The finer details such as cappings, window surrounds, and sills were produced in Wicklow granite.


Onyx is a semiprecious stone and we tend to use it sparingly. In this bathroom, we found a beautiful piece of black and gold onyx with one of our regular suppliers and we decided to make it the basis of a bathroom design.

We placed the largest piece on a wall directly below a roof light to make the most of its semi-transparent quality and the rest of the slab is used on a window reveal and the vanity top.

The onyx has been combined with a black terrazzo tile and gold coloured glass mosaic on the walls.