Copper is a fantastic roofing material, it can be used on roofs with a low pitch, when properly detailed will last for a very long time and it continually changes over time as it oxidises going from a shiny metallic finish to a dull brown to almost black until eventually going the distinctive green shade. We use copper mostly for standing seam roofs and rainwater goods. The eaves are the part of the roof most visible from the ground and they give the roof its character.

CopperTraditional Detail

In this example, the copper has been detailed to appear like the continuation of the cornice detail over the window. The window, roof and gutter have been considered together as a coherent whole. The copper is malleable enough to follow the curve of the new dining bay and makes an attractive ‘fifth elevation’ when viewed out of the upper floor windows.

CopperTimeless quality

The copper roof in this instance has a large overhang and prominent gutter, copper was chosen for this small dining bay extension to an Arts and Crafts house for its timeless appearance, not setting the extension in any identifiable period.


The copper roof here solved a number of issues, the dining bay extension sat directly under an existing bay window. Thanks to the versatility of copper the new roof and the cladding of the bay window could be treated as one element eliminating potentially weak junctions between different materials. It also allowed for a low profile of the roof so as not to obstruct views of the garden from the upper floor bay window. The combination of copper and yellow brick is timeless.